Book: Developer’s Guide for Microsoft Enterprise Library 2nd edition

enterprise_library_developers_guideThe second edition of the documentation for  the open source Enterprise Library (matching the v6.0 code release) has been made available in multiple digital formats and can be purchased in print from Amazon as a paperback (Dominic Betts, Julian Dominguez et al, Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Enterprise Library, Microsoft, 2013, 2nd edition) . The library guide is supplemented by a Hands on Lab as well as a reference implementation (also available at Codeplex). The most notable application block  change is that for semantic logging. In addition the Guide should be read in conjunction with Microsoft Unity 3 which is the Dependency Injection container/framework  which comes in its own documentation set  (Dominic Betts, Grigori Melnik et al, Dependency Injection with Unity, Microsoft, 2013) and hands on code base ). Still relevant is the book Building Elastic and Resilient Cloud Applications – Developer’s Guide to the Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration Pack for Windows Azure. The blog post announcing the new guide is here

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