Book: N-Layered Domain-Oriented Architecture Guide with .NET 4.0

N_Layered_Domain_Architecture_sm This guide to Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Microsoft.NET was developed by software architects from Microsoft Spain. The initial release of the 475 page publication garnered some criticism from architects but most of those concerns are addressed in version 2.0 of the sample application and draft chapters for the second edition of the book, whichremains a work in progress. The book originally arose aout of discussions regarding DDD and Microsoft’s Entity Framework. The book covers architecture design process, n-layered architecture pattern, data persistence layer using various data access paterns, domain layer, application layer, distributed services layer and presentation layer. The text also deals with cross-cutting concerns in an infrastructure layer. Depending on design requirements some layers are optional or not indicated.
Technology however has continued to evolve and this should be read in conjunction with other subsequently published guidance.  The main links to this architecture guide and related materials are here:

Miguel Ramos,
Domain Drive Design N-Layered .NET 4.0 Architecture Guide,Blog posting 23 May 2011
MSDN Architecture Center, Microsoft Spain, DDD NLayered .NET 4.0 Architecture Guide, 1st edition 2011. Includes multiple digital formats of guide, lengthy Powerpoint presentation and link to codeplex sample application
Microsoft Spain,
Spain – Domain Oriented N-Layered .NET 4.0 Sample App
, Codeplex. Includes updated application sample v2.0, new draft chapters for second edition of guide, and additional samples and documentation in relation to migrating the sample to Windows Azure
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