Sharepoint 2013, Sharepoint Server 2013, Sharepoint Online: Recent Sharepoint Guidance and Posters

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Architecture (Poster)


Information in this model helps you understand architectures that apply to server applications, Office Web Apps Server, app management, databases, workflows, wide-area networks, monitoring, newsfeeds, distributed cache, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Mobile Architecture in SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


A visual display that provides an end-to-end understanding of the SharePoint 2013 mobile ecosystem

Services in SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


In addition to listing available services in SharePoint Server 2013, this illustration also includes diagrams that illustrate the services infrastructure. Architectural examples help you visualise services in various example environments.

What is governance? SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


This poster shows the major governance areas (IT governance, information management, and application management) and summarizes the key information you need to understand about each area.

Global Solutions for SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


This model provides architectural guidance for geographically distributed deployments of SharePoint 2013.

Streamlined Topologies for SharePoint Server 2013 (Poster)


This model illustrates a farm design that optimizes system resources and maximizes performance.

Traditional Topologies for SharePoint 2013  (Poster)


This model provides an overview of topology concepts for SharePoint Server 2013. Example topologies are based on traditional approaches to building SharePoint architectures with web servers, application servers, and database servers

Enterprise-scale Farms for SharePoint Server 2013 (Poster)

sps-2013-enterprise farm-modela

This architecture can be used as a reference point for planning an enterprise-scale farm. Actual numbers of servers and components depends on many variables such as usage, services, size of documents, rates of change and freshness requirements for search results, and many others

Internet Sites Search Architectures for SharePoint Server 2013 (Poster)


This design sample model provides guidance on the hardware requirements and performance considerations for Internet Sites search topologies. In addition, the model shows an example medium-sized Internet sites farm.

Multi-farm architectures with SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


Learn the design principles to use for multi-farm deployments. Diagrams in this model illustrate how to deploy services and content across farms.

Search Architectures for SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


This design sample shows the logical architecture and interaction of search components, and an example of a fault-tolerant server farm that provides enterprise search for a content corpus that contains approximately 40 million items.

Enterprise Search Architectures for SharePoint Server 2013 (Poster)


This design sample illustrates small, medium, and large-size farm architectures for enterprise search. It contains search and farm topology examples, scaling guidance and hardware requirements.

Authentication in SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


SharePoint 2013 supports user authentication, app authentication, and server-to-server authentication. In addition to descriptions of the types of authentication, this model includes illustrations that demonstrate the flow of data during each type of authentication.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013  Platform Options (Poster)

SharePoint 2013 Platform Options

For BDMs and architects, this model describes the platform options for SharePoint 2013—SharePoint in Office 365, on-premises hybrid with Office 365, Windows Azure, and on-premises only deployments. It includes an overview of each architecture, recommendations, license requirements, and lists of architect and IT Pro tasks for each platform. Several SharePoint solutions on Windows Azure are highlighted.

Social Feature support in SharePoint Server 2013 (Poster)


This poster discusses the different deployment architectures for SharePoint Server 2013 and the effect those deployment architectures have on the social features.

Business Connectivity Services Hybrid Flow in SharePoint 2013 (Poster)


Network Integration of Microsoft Office Server Products (Poster)


High-level illustration of a network environment that includes Lync Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2013, and Exchange Server 2013. This diagram illustrates networking elements that are common across these products—remote and internal access, authentication, client traffic, and routing traffic through shared devices.

SharePoint Server, Lync, Office Web Apps – The Mobile Landscape (Poster)


This poster shows a detailed layout of the app and mobile browser-based landscape for SharePoint Server, Lync, Exchange, and Office Web Apps. It covers on-premises and cloud-based network topologies for phones and tablets.  For Device Management and Security, System Center Configuration Manager and Windows Intune provide more comprehensive and granular management capabilities across multiple device types.

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